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  1. Land Rover 4 / LR4
    Restricted performance Misfire on 2, 4 , and 6. 2 constant. 4 and 6 are occasional. Good at idel. Rpms reach 2000 is when it starts. While driving power is Restricted once it goes past 2500 rpm , 15 seconds in 6th gear or going up an incline. At 1900 rpm it kind of surges Changed plugs. All...
  2. Land Rover 4 / LR4
    I have a 2013 LR4 V8 5.0 that intermittently gets the 'Restricted Performance' message and does not accelerate past 3.5K RPM (I can still get it to freeway speeds by accelerating slowly but flooring it causes the car to just accelerate past 3.5K RPM without actually doing anything (As if it were...
1-2 of 2 Results