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  1. Discovery Series II
    I'm looking for help/advice on a radio issue. My Harman Kardon stock head unit now refuses to turn on at all after working fine just the other day. I've checked all the fuses below the steering wheel and didn't see any blown, I've tried leaving the key in the on position for about 45 minutes to...
  2. Discovery Series II
    Recently my original radio on my 2000 Disco starting acting up (not responsive on all buttons but still played radio station it was on). I found the same model on E-Bay that I purchased and swapped out. After plugging all the wires back in there is not response at all from the unit. I tried...
  3. Range Rover P38, Mk III and Range Rover Sport
    I just purchased a 2003 Range Rover HSE and have been going through the paces of fixing all the normal problems that seem to affect most RR's. I have got to the stereo portion of my TODO list and am at a cross roads on which way to go. Starting from the beginning the stereo display comes on and...
1-3 of 3 Results