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  1. Discovery 3 / LR3
    Recently we had a crazy snowstorm, and i had only gone about 2 days without driving my car, after I actually had just completed a 2hr drive the day before. After that 2hr drive I noticed that the compressor was still making a noise even though the car was off. I just turned the car back on and...
  2. Discovery 3 / LR3
    I recently purchased a 2006 LR3 that had the 2.5 inch jhonson rod lift in stalled after having it up on the lift in a shop it won't come out of extended mode. I don't have any dash lights on and when I try to change ride hight it won't change out of extended mode. Any one have this issue? And...
  3. Discovery 3 / LR3
    I have searched different forums for hours for information on this code. My 2005 lr3 has been giving this for weeks intermittently. Yesterday I towed a trailer and as I drove the suspension slowly lowered down to the blocks about the time I got home. Due to this code I cannot get the suspension...
1-3 of 3 Results