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i bought my disco2 about three mnths ago needed power steering pump and could use some pant but was decent enough for me drove it it was amazing no engine noise shift were smooth no codes showing new alloys (5) and tires, brakes, plugs , wires cold a/c and heat 1 rip in driver seat, besides that very clean and well needs headliner, sagging.... i noticed water dripping from somewhere after test drive just couldnt find it but i decided to buy any way im third owner it has 100,000 i got it for 2k he even towed it to my house because of milage to my house risk breaking belt n etc. i have put 1000 in it after doing pump opened a small can of worms but after put back to gether freash oil. crappy run check oil water in crank and pressure on cold crank lew colant cap off so im selling her for1500 obo i am in panama city fl
[/PHP][/PHP] will add interior pics and motor pics tomarrow
new parts list
valve gaskets
power steering pump
water pump/gasket
steerin pump and water pump have 1 year warranty bought all these parts last week orded everything from british atlantic


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