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02 LR Disco SE "Westminster"?

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Just got back from the dealer w/ my wife...she wants a LR...I want a new Volvo XC90...

I was very pleased with the rig (went over the test track out back)!!!! It's an 02 SE Westminster on black...the salesman said it's rare....$25,995...looks very clean...anyone heard of these?

Any thoughts, please?

oh...the salesman (my nextdoor neighbor a trustworthy soul) said he originally leased the car out a few years back to the first and only owner....
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02disco2 said:
As a matter of fact, I've never even heard of an 02' Disco wearing the Westminster badge. On the Range Rover however, there was nothing real special about that model other than the name tag, it's basically an SE model.QUOTE]

An 02 Westminster had different wheels, shitty NAV, and different wood. It was about $2k more than a comparable model. Nice truck, but "rare" is relative. Price is a bit strong for the mileage. Westminster Range was black on black with Lux and black wood. It also had 20" wheels ($4,000 option on other models) It also had the first rain sensing wipers, although they forgot to put the rain sensor in a lot of them...
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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