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02 LR Disco SE "Westminster"?

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Just got back from the dealer w/ my wife...she wants a LR...I want a new Volvo XC90...

I was very pleased with the rig (went over the test track out back)!!!! It's an 02 SE Westminster on black...the salesman said it's rare....$25,995...looks very clean...anyone heard of these?

Any thoughts, please?

oh...the salesman (my nextdoor neighbor a trustworthy soul) said he originally leased the car out a few years back to the first and only owner....
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The Westmister's are rare indeed, but do not warrant the $24,995 asking price. As a matter of fact, I've never even heard of an 02' Disco wearing the Westminster badge. On the Range Rover however, there was nothing real special about that model other than the name tag, it's basically an SE model.

KBB gives an 02' Discovery SE in EXCELLENT condition for $21,435 (Private Party Value).
The rims and rain sensing wipers were on the Range Rover Westminster, not the Discovery Westminster unfortunatley.

KBB trade in value is $18,675 so you know what you have to work with.

If you do in fact have 25K to put down on a D2, then I would suggest an 04 model. With that you get the higher HP 4.6 liter as well as CDL. If you do not know what CDL is, it's the Center Differential Lock. Land Rover removed this feature on the D2 and in 2004, they brought it back my popular demand. You also get the upgraded front end with much better headlamps and a few other goodies. Not going to say that the 02 is a bad year, but with an 04', you also get all the scheduled maint. covered until 50K. You may be money ahead if you plan on keeping it a few years, service can be expensive on these vehicles.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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