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Nothing's easy..

Picked up the 'correct' rear muffler for my 03 discovery...evidently there's a vin split and the DII's have a different rear muffler between the 99-02 models and 03-04 (VIN Split at 778187). Does anyone know what the difference is, or why? Just curious....

The previous owner wasn't aware of this split, and put the early one on the truck and it didn't line up...basically leaned against the lower bumper trim and rattled against that, as well as rattled and wore through a piece of the rear suspension in the back. Guess they turned the radio up and ignored it rattling away..nice.

Now the issue...

I went to pull the rear muffler and the center muffler had 3 studs on it - everywhere else I see that these were 10mm bolts and nuts...vendor sites don't show studs on the outlet of the center exhaust...aftermarket and genuine parts alike. At first I thought I just had some really rusty I cut the nuts (or what was left of them) off, then realized the rusty bolts were still not coming out. Tried heat, no go.... even took a cutoff wheel and cut as much of the 'bolt head off as I could...tried lockwrenches on what was left...nothing was getting these studs/bolts out. So now I've had to cut them flat and start drilling them out, to try and get a 10mm hole to mount this rear muffler.

Did I miss a memo someplace? Didn't see anyone else discussing this on their exhaust swap threads... anyone run into this before?

Any info is appreciated, thanks..

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