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Just picked up a '06 L322 for my wife (~100k miles), we now have our garage full of Land Rovers (I drive LR3) and this is our 3rd total. After doing a full tune-up myself including air compressor rebuild, spark plugs, repair steering column tilt, oil service, diff oils, tranny oil, paint center console trim, clay bar/polish, etc... I still cannot resolve the last problem of a steering sound. Below is what I have observed over the last week of driving:

> Steering sound when turning to the right. It starts immediately at 5 degrees turn and continues up until max turn. Sound level does not change.
> Sound does not fluctuate with RPMs
> Truck has been garaged most all life, always serviced by dealer according to the file folder of records. Joints/Connectors seem to be in great visual condition.
> Belts are tight, 1/4-1/2 twist between longest pulley span. I did also apply belt conditioner.
> Reservoir and all lines inspected
> Sound is present at all speeds.
> Siphoned out 20% of existing steering fluid and put in Lucas Steering Fluid with Conditioners, I was hoping the extra additive of conditioner would lube internal parts. ( No help )
> Outside temperature does not seem to change sound
> 1 out of 4 drives it does not make any noise.

Next is completing a full power steering fluid flush (any existing DIY procedures?) but because the steering fluid conditioners did not help I am concerned this will not resolve issue even though I do still plan to do this as I am sure the fluid is original and can be done to prolong the pump.

Any ideas on next diagnostic steps?
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