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06 LR3 suspension fault code C1A13

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Hi all,

I own a 2006 LR3 HSE V8.

Currently having two issues,

1-Fault code: C1A13 Pressure does not decrease when venting gallery.

2- the truck is higher on the left side ( both left rear n left front)than the ride side.

Issue 1 occurs when lowering from "off road height" to standard height. Amber light illuminates- turn off the engine and restart, and it goes down to standard height.

Does anyone know if the leveling valve next to the compressor would be the cause of both.

Extra notes:

both front air bags and both front and rear valve blocks replaced.

Any help will be appreciated!!

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Most likely looking compressor, exhaust valve is part of it, and they fail occasionally. There used to be a rebuild kit for it, along with the dryer, which I would absolutely do at the same time if you try to repair it.

A new compressor would be my suggestion, but keep in mind even if you install it yourself, it will need a software update, as it is a new style.

The uneven is odd, but I would take care of the exhausting issue first, and see if that corrects both.
Hi Dave, thanks for the quick response! I was hoping to replace the exhaust and dyer my self without having to replace the comp assembly to avoid going to the dealer. I don't trust the local dealer in my area. I guess i will have to replace it, then tackle uneven sides. Thanks, again for your help!!!
Hello Friends. Am having a problem with my Lr3 06.. It keeps saying suspension fault and the car refused to go up. It remains in the lower level and it's terrible when driving. Do any one have a solution for me.
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