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07 LR3 SE with ~157k miles. For a few months it started to take a second or less longer to crank than usual. Just enough to notice but always cranked. I got a new H8 battery from walmart to try to fix that and it seemed to. Then I started to get the compressor fault and normal height only for the past couple of weeks.

The truck has always started though and the last time it ran it cranked fine, I just had to pull it forward in the driveway to make room. Tried to start it 3 days later and it just turns over and over until you turn the key off. I returned the battery and got a new one. I rebuilt the compressor. I swapped the fuel pump relay just in case but I can hear the fuel pump prime. I checked all the fuses with pictures that looked relevant to the engine. I cleared all the codes and no engine codes come back after trying to crank. I just get a ton of other codes... I was hoping for a code that called out a specific engine related sensor like the crank/cam position or something I can pin point and replace.

I have borrowed a iCarsoft Multi-system Scanner i930. Not sure if I'm using it correctly but it gives me the following:

C1B22 Hill descent switch
U0403 Invalid data received from transfer case control module
U0401 Invalid data received from engine control module/powertrain control module.
U0138 Lost communication with all terrain control module
U0100 Lost communication with engine control module/powertrain control module
U0102 Lost communication with transfercase control module
U0132 Lost communication with ride level control module
C1A96 Brake light switch circuit (replaced this within the last 2 years)
C1A00 Controle module
U1A03 Vehicle configuration parameter
P0826 Up and down switch input circuit
P0563 System voltage high (had on a charger, is this bad? I know these things are sensitive...)
U0300 Internal control module software incompatibility
U0122 Lost communication with vehicle dynamics control module
B1B48 Rear left outer sensor
U0421 Invalid data received from ride level control module
U0416 Invalid data received from vehicle dynamics control module
U0402 Invalid data received from transmission control module
B1B83 Rear air blend stepper actuator
B1B82 Rear air distribution stepper actuator
B1B78 System pressure
B1b77 Front right air blend stepper actuator
B1b76 Front left air blend stepper actuator
B1b75 Front foot-face mode stepper actuator
B1b74 Front foot-defrost mode stepper actuator
B1A87 Battery disconnection/electronic control unit reset.
U0010 Medium speed CAN communication bus

Any ideas? Things to check? Need more info? ask away! I need help and can not afford to tow it to the dealer and pay them to fix it.
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