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Hey all,

I believe this may be an Amp issue but would like to confirm. I bought the rover off my step-dad last year and it's constantly had radio issues, the dreaded no audio issue that alot of people have attributed to the Amp was one of them. After doing nothing other than jiggling wires connected to the amp and driving for an hour one day that radio just came back to life and now there are no issues while driving.

The new issue, an issue that my stepfather faced was the Radio coming to life and blasting music at full volume after the car has be turned off and locked. When I go to the car to turn off the radio the display shows that it is off. When I press the power button it turns the display on and lowers the volume back to its default level, press the power button again to turn the radio off and its back to blasting music. So I shut the door lock the car again and poof no more music.

Love this car, but I can't let it drain the battery even if it is a secondary.

Anyone know anything about this issue?
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