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Gday all.

I have a 2007 petrol V6 SE Discovery 3 that will not start. . .

I have reason to believe it may be an immobiliser problem as the red 'alarm light' is blinking on the dash when I insert the key and also when i turn to accessories it's still blinking. When i turn the key one position further 'just before crank' the red light illuminates solid red then disappears. I then turn to crank and the engine turns over rapidly as it normally does but it doesn't fire...

Sometimes depending on what sequence i unlock the doors and insert the key the engine fires. . just once !! and then dies. it's like it fires and then cuts spark on me due to immobiliser ??

If anyone can advise they're opinion on this it would be greatly appreciated.

New battery , crank position sensor fitted at dealer in feb 2014.

Thanks in advance :wave::wave::wave::wave::wave:

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I have performed a hard reset

I have plenty of fuel pressure to the injector rails

New ignition plugs, leads inspected

Checked battery and vehicle earth points

cleaned and inspected all engine control sensors

checked fuses in BJB and CJB

key fob is storing charge > functions > lock, unlock, follow me home lights on/off. Works perfectly

I offer the key into the ignition and it pings "key in ignition" i can give power to accessories (strangely the dvd player is frozen on eject disk screen) HOWEVER the blinking red light is still flashing away at me. . . sometimes constant one flash. . . . sometimes double flash .. .. .. i turn the key to next position> display on dash lights up and runs "system check" red light turns off ! I then turn to crank - instantly RED LIGHT FLASH while cranking - if you then relax the starter trigger it continues to crank - turning back to accesories to stop the starter cranking. . . . .

And there it sits. . . in the dark. . . red light Blinking.

This key did work and it's my only key.

i bought a piece of Censored elm327 obd2 dongle. it has since Censored itself but when it was reading my ecm it put out a code referring to key fob immobiliser program to ecm status.

I know theres alot of roads i can take to start eliminating the possibilities 1 by one but Can any of you guys see something obvious that i cant ?

i have managed to get through most Land Rover workshop pdf files that relate to my problem.

I am new to LR and also Automotive

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Hey guys, So i thought i'd just update you all on where i'm at with this problem..

I had a chat with the workshop fella, down at my local LR dealer. I made him aware of the recent Mechanical work i have performed, it took a bit for me to get his confidence - however after explaining my career in Piston engines, he understood that the car had been competently worked on.

He told me that he only ever changed oil a few times on a 4.0 V6 lr3 and stated that they we're rare out here in the outback. I forwarded my theory to him about the key/immobiliser/Red Light Blinking situation. He stated they "order vin specific keys direct from the UK" and then carry out a "Handshake" procedure using LR diagnostics. So i proposed to have my car brought in, to try out this "Handshake" procedure. He then went on to tell me That he was FULLY BOOKED - but at the same time was compassionate about my predicament, as any good old mechanic should be, and told me to go ahead and bring it in. (this was 5 days ago on saturday the 31st of May)

I Had my lr3 put on a flat bed, and taken down shortly before Lunch.... . . It was Sad to see it sitting on its Arse getting dragged off to the mechanic

He was quite vague with information on what his Diagnostics system could actually perform, but he was confident that they could pair the key to the vehicle.

June in Central Australia is peak Tourist season, and is extremely busy with retired caravaners and off road adventurers passing through or staying in Alice Springs - Also 2 days from now, over the 'Queens Birthday' long weekend, Alice Springs is host to 'Finke Desert Race' one of Australia's Largest Off Road endurance races . THIS TYPE OF ACTION

So with all that in mind, i've been patient and gave him until yesterday (wednesday) before i gave him a call.

So far he has gone through and checked pretty much everything that i have checked - CJB fuses, BJB fuses, Earth points, Fuel pressure. He Told me that he'd cleared all showing fault codes - and his diagnostics told him that the car was accepting and recognising the key, showing crank speed, airflow, etc etc. . . no more blinking light with key in ignition (apparently). However the car is still a non starter as it was when i had it at my place.

Here is the series of events when he tries to start it - which are EXACTLY the same as when i had it.

1) Key in ignition > turn to accessories > turn to crank > Engine cranks and keeps cranking even with starter position trigger disengaged > Engine does not start. (occasionally fires once for a split second)

2) With No.1 spark plug lead off and a spare plug attached to check for spark > when turned to crank it sparks ONCE and ONCE only. it throws out 1 spark then nothing hence the results from event 1.

The ignition system is receiving 12 volts - but only seems to produce spark on the crank to start circuit and not the "run" circuit.. . this what i decipher as a potential cause of the problem after studying wiring diagrams.

things to consider. . .

1) the dealer couldn't tell me whether the cam sensor showed functionality with his diagnostics ?

2) Is the ignition switch potentially the cause of this ? (stuck on crank)

3) Could it possibly be that the timing has been incorrectly reset ?

4) Worse case scenario i'm guessing is the ECM could be fried ? (would like to avoid jumping to this conclusion)

If theres any guys here on the forum that are in the Know, and could please share advice for this situation, it would be greatly appreciated.

I have my Girlfriends parents up from interstate, for the long weekend. We will have to cancel most of our plans if the "Black Beauty" is out of order. Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Joel. :wave::wave::wave:

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Im having the same issue over here in the states with my 06. Was hoping you
had gotten some word back on your problem too.

Mine cranks but will not start up on occasion.

The issue is very episodic. It only happens every few weeks or so. I can drive the car and park it, come back a bit later, get in it and can't get it to fire.

I'll wait 10 minutes or so, Open and shut doors, dance a little jig, and then it will fire right up and run fine for weeks.

No rhyme or reason.

Mine is not throwing any trouble codes at all when the cranking issue happens.

I'm finally breaking down and taking it to the stealership tomorrow to get it

Heard it could be the inertia switch, cam sensor, crank sensor, fuel pump relay, ect.....

Found plenty of other LR3 owners on the web having the same issue.

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Its definitely not an immobiliser issue. My lr3 wont even crank.

If the PCM (ecu) was fried you wont be able to do diagnostics? (Im guessing)

A possible faulty fuel pressure, crank positioning sensor or something else.

Im still doing some testing.
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