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1" lift on a Discovery II (ACE) using spacers

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I was looking into getting these spacers for my 2000 Discovery II. Since I have the RR 19" wheels I was looking for a bit of a lift to make up for the larger rim and tire. I was wondering if anyone has used these on a DII with ACE? Any advice would be great.
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I was thinking of going with these because I replaced my 18's with the Range Rover 19's and there's some rubbing on tight turns. I don't want to run 255/50 19's because I think it may make the ride a bit rougher. I'd like to stick with the 255/225. I also want to be able to take it off road still. I guess I wanted something to create a small lift w/o redoing the entire suspension.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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