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This is my personal daily driver. It's starting to show the signs of a head gasket leak. Acted up once last spring. The temperature started to move up but I parked it before it got to extreme. I installed a good, tested radiator, swapped water pumps, put on a known good fan clutch off a DII, put a new thermostat in and tried it last week. Around town it was fine. In traffic, fine. Coming up my VERY steep 1/4 mile driveway the temperature started to move up.

I don't have the time or desire to do the heads. So, I'm parting the truck out.

I bought it five years ago with only 86K on the odometer. It currently has 116K on the truck. The radiator is in great shape, there's a new master cylinder, new power steering pump, freshly rebuilt 100 amp alternator, new rotors, pads and calipers all the way around. There's less than 2K miles on any of these parts.

There was no check engine light on the vehicle. All sensors are good. The ABS light was on. It was on when I bought it and all it needed was a new sleeve for the ABS sensor. I haven't bothered to run codes on the system to see if that's still the problem. The brakes are in great shape with mild surface rust due to sitting over the summer. The front seats are cloth, manual seats that are free of any rips, tears or wear spots. They would benefit from a cleaning due to the fact that they had sheepskins on them while I owned the truck. There is a little sagging in the driver's seat but that can be fixed easily. The steering box is good with only the slightest bit of weeping at the bottom near the pitman arm. CDL works fine as does the LT230 and automatic transmission.

The radio is bad. The sunroof rails are bad. The motors were shot before I even got the truck. The rear bumper is a little tweaked but the front is good and includes the air dam without cutouts for fog lights. The ignition switch is bad. Part of the key is stuck in the cylinder. The key stub still turns the ignition just fine.

As I think of more about this truck I will post up. It's a shame, I really liked the simplicity of this truck but I have another DI and a P38a right now and cannot be bothered with doing the repairs.

Let me know what you need
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