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Can you help.

I am the owner of a 1987 2.5 petrol 110. I bought the vehicle in Nairobi a couple of years ago since when it has been down to Cape Town and back. It is now with me in Uganda where I work.

So far I have been unable to find a manual that specifically deals with this engine which has done 189,000 kms.

At the moment I do not have a problem but I am a bit concerned that if anything went wrong with the carburetor, say, I would be reliant on the trial and error methods prevalent here. I would prefer not to be.

Can you tell me where I could get a workshop type manual for this engine. I have been unable to see what type of carburetor is fitted but I can say that it seems to have two solenoid valves fitted to it one of which apparently controls the idle speed.

Thanks and regards,

John Deane
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