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110 Camel Look Alike for sale

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I am reluctantly putting up my beloved Bidaloo 110 Camel Look alike for sale.

Its a 62 series II but rebuilt on a new frame with defender bits. Currently registered in Ohio. Please check with your DMV to ensure registration requirements.

Its on ebay...
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I was wondering, your site on ebay says theres a 300 tdi and the vehicle in walnut creek, does california state regs allow diesel conversions? I've been curious about it and I was tinkering with the idea of brining my car over to east coast rover to see if they could swap engines and put in a new 300 tdi. I know you looking to sell your car but I was wondering if the reason you were was because califorinia regs dont allow diesel engine swaps?
about California smog laws, do you think they would allow a 300 tdi diesel engine? Whats the difference from that engine and a 94 or 95 Dogde RAM cummings diesel engine other than that the 300tdi isnt domestic. they both are diesel so do you think if someone upgraded their engine they would allow it?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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