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110 Camel Look Alike for sale

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I am reluctantly putting up my beloved Bidaloo 110 Camel Look alike for sale.

Its a 62 series II but rebuilt on a new frame with defender bits. Currently registered in Ohio. Please check with your DMV to ensure registration requirements.

Its on ebay...
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This vehicle is totally and utterly illegal in this country if it was discovered it would have been impounded and the owner arrested and charged with fraud and other motoring offences the vehicle would have been crushed.

It has no connections at all with a 1962 vehicle a bad case of what we here call ringing (illegally changing a vehicles identity) normally associated with the pre 1973 road tax exemption in this country.

If this vehicles history was to be trace via the U.S . authorities back to the uk the current owner could quite well find himself open to legal proceedings.
But the point is

Serg said:
This is a common trick for people in the US. This is done as we simply cannot (near impossible) import cars newer than 25 years old.

if you look at the pics the photo is taken in the uk and the "109" ahem has a british number plate so therefore registered illegally in the UK making it just as illegal in the US.
To regulate the modification of vehicles in the UK a points system is used to asses a vehicles originallity,points are awarded for original steering,suspension,engine,gearbox,bodywork and chassis however a new chassis can be used as long as it is built to the original specification of the original chassis and is un altered.
If on assesment the the vehicle does not accrue enough points it must be considered for re registration under single vehicle licensing laws.
So this vehicle would lose its historic title due to the fact it would accrue zero points under this system
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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