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Defender 110 300Tdi 1998 for sale


I have just what you are looking for, a 300 Tdi 1998 model, completely kitted out for off roading and expeditions. It is registered in Holland. I am currently traveling with it in Mexico and will either ship it back to Holland or sell it in Canada or the USA. If you are interested, please let me know. Have a look at our website for pictures:

a list of (almost) all the extras on our truck:

steel fuel tank 127L (in place of original tank)
steel fuel tank 56L right side of the car
steel fuel tank 45L back right side of the car
Stainless steel Water tank 56L left side of the car
Stainless steel 66L inside behind the seats
Heavy duty suspension & shocks (double shocks at the rear), Old Men Emu
Steering stabiliser, Old Men Emu
Steering Guard Ex-Tec aluminium
Differential guard 8 mm steel
Gear Box Guard 8 mm aluminium
Tie-rod guard
Heavy duty steering rod
8 mm steel bumperettes
Rock slider set
Fender and bonnet protectors
ARB Dif locker (rear dif)
ARB compressor for Dif. locker
Wading kit, Mantec
Heavy duty clutch
Convex mirrors, heated
Heated windscreen
Webasto heater with connector for the tent
Rear window guards (Mantec)
Bullbar and headlight guards
Super Winch X9, with kelvlar cable (can also be mounted at the rear)
Heavy duty compressor with 2 connectors (left and right) (for quickly inflating the tires)
Bigger intercooler for more power
Catalyst-replacement exhaust for more power
Heavy duty radiotor
12 volt radiator-fan for extra cooling
Micheling XZY tires (6) (new wolf rims)
Spare tire on the hood
Spare wheel carrier with Hi-lift jack mount
Hi-lift jack
Hi-lift jack adaptor for Defender
2 dustproof lockable aluminium side lockers by Alumat
2 Sand ladders, aluminium
Battery managment system, National Luna
Dry cell batteries, Exide (3x)
50- watt solar panel incl. regulator
5 outlets (12 volt)
1500 watt converter 12-220 volt
Roofrack aluminium, Hannibal
Rooftop tent, Hannibal
12 volt outlet in the tent
2 Hella reading lights in the tent
Awning, Hannibal
Shower curtain, Hannibal
Coleman stove mounted at the back door
Water Purifing system, General ecology
Fridge 40L, National Luna
Hella "Ultra Beam FF" light on the rear
Hella "Master" front lights (4x) on the roofrack
IDF high beam lights at the bull bar
Ipod mp3 player connected to car radio
Lockable Aluminium box on roofrack, dust and waterproof
Hella reading lights (2)
Luggage net on ceiling
Rev counter
two tone horn
Recaro "comfort" seats (2x)
Extra passenger seat
Storage system in the back
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