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2013 LR2 is 35,000 mile. Lately, I have been hearing rumbling noise. When I start the engine the car sounds normal until I put it in "drive", the sound goes away when I shift it back to "park". The sound lasts for may be a minute then disappears after some driving. Sometimes comes back when stop at red light.
I also noticed the rumbling when the heater is on and it disappears when I turn off the heater.
Apart from the noise, I was checking under the bonnet to see if the rumbling noise was caused by loose object. I noticed the air filter box is not secured (there is lots of play). However, I don't think this is the cause.
The car has been taken apart a few times by the dealer and has had the transmission replaced less than 6 months ago. So it is a bit frustrating.
I am taking the Landy to the dealer this Friday but want to get some opinion on what is going on?

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