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I'm thinking of selling my 1966 IIa 109 project. The main reason for the sale is time constraints. I'm only looking to get what I have into the project.

The bad: You'll have to replace the frame on this one. The firewall is completely shot. No amount of welding will help. The engine is seized. I haven't tried to free it, but the PO did try and was unsuccessful. The T pieces are also shot. The rest of the body panels are in good shape as is the safari roof. The door frames have seen better days. The interior is pretty much gone as well...The tires are the original Michelins on the 16" has gone plan on a flatbed. The tranny does not appear to spin.

The good: I have a spare firewall from another 1966 rover that only needs comparatively minor repair. One foot is gone and the footwells should be replaced. When I bought the truck, it was missing the RHFront fender, breakfast and RH firewall support bracket, all of which I have procured. As the condition of the tranny is unknown and the engine is shot, I'll throw in a spare engine and tranny from a 1970 parts truck that I have. I'll throw in four 15" rims with serviceable BFG ATs. All of the electronics are there, I've also got a spare front headliner in good shape from my old 88". Also included is a boosted brake pedal tower from a 1970 IIa. Most of the lamps are gone, but I've got a new lamp kit from AB that I bought a while back, minus one amber lens.

The price: $1500. I'm firm on this price as this is what I have into the project and if there are no takers I'll just sit on it until I have the time to get to it.

The location: Upstate NY. 20 miles east of Albany.
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