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1973 Series 3 pick-up truck

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1973 Land-Rover Series 3, 109 pick-up truck, ex-MOD. Left hand drive, Originally military camouflage, repainted Land-Rover pastel green. A number of body panels were replaced including new front wings, rocker panels, rear panels and all new light assemblies. Although I have no documentation, the frame was supposedly replaced prior to being decommissioned by the MOD, this is probably correct as there is absolutely no rust on the frame. This is a 12v truck.

Truck was stripped to bare aluminum and professionally painted. It was painted to use and not for car shows; with that said, it is a very nice, driver quality paint job. I have used this as my farm truck for the past 5 or 6 years, so it’s not perfect, but if you’re looking for a solid, dependable, very nice looking and definitely above average Series 3 pick-up truck that you can get in and be proud to drive, this is for you.

The interior has Ex-Moor high-back seats, center seat / storage bin and diamond-plate floors. Pick-up bed coated with truck bed liner. In addition to normal maintenance items, I have replaced: starter, exhaust, rebuilt alternator, battery, front brake flex hoses, recently rebuilt Solex carb. The truck starts, runs, stops as it should and is currently registered, inspected, has a clear Virginia title and is driven and used on a regular basis.

All electrics work. Hi-low range transfer box works fine, sycros in all gears are fine, hydraulics are fine and has very firm brakes. 2.25 litre petrol engine fires right up on the coldest mornings and runs smooth. New tires on 16” rims.

Lots of photographs at:
LR109 Photos by BritCarGuy | Photobucket

Located in rural Virginia, about an hour and a half from Washington DC. The only reason I am selling this truck is because I need a larger pick-up suitable for towing. Would consider a 4x4 V-8 Dodge Ram, Ford F-150 or Chevy Silverado in partial trade.


Contact: [email protected]


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Truck has been sold
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