Make:Land Rover
Engine:4 cylinder Diesel
Classic 1979 Land Rover Defender 88, Santana, Series III: A real head turner. Four cylinder diesel. Manual 4-speed transmission, manual steering, and four wheel drum brakes. Two or four wheel drive option. Pretty much everything on her is manual. Mileage unknown as the mileage gauge and speedometer do not function. All other instruments work fine. Tires are in good shape and she has a spare in good order. New front windshield and radiator. New seat belts in front and for the two bench seats in back. New brake pads front and back, along with new brake pistons. Also new front brake drums and flex brake lines. The front seats are new leather. The rear benches are original leather and in good shape. New battery.
Imported from Spain, where she was built. The story goes that the company in Spain, that eventually was called Santana SA, worked a deal with British Leyland, which made Land Rovers. This was 1958. At first Santana just built Land Rover kits. By 1968, however, they began full production of their own variations, still under the Land Rover name. Supposedly, Leyland was having financial difficulties in the 1970s and their production quality suffered. Santana, however, was in better shape and took greater care in production resulting in better quality and performance. This Landie is a series III, which were the last of their kind built in Spain before the two companies parted in 1983.
The engine is also in good condition, however, she probably needs a lifter valve gasket replacement as she blows a little blue exhaust. This Landy is a power horse with strong low torque power, not a speedster. She’ll probably only top at about 45 mph.

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