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I have a 1987 (April 1987 Production Date) Range Rover which I would like to sell to another enthusiast.
1987 Range Rover Classic. First Year of USA Import. Totally Rust Free. Runs and Drives. Dent on Roof. Everything on this Rover works. Interior is pretty good for the age except the flimsy center console, power windows panel and seat control switches. They all work but need attention as they are loose. I have driven this around the block but never taken it for longer drives. EFI light comes on sometimes. I am not very handy or knowledgeable but am told it could be ECU or just the connector to ECU. I do not know how to get the seats out. AC works, all lights and signals etc work. No Radio, only face plate. This has the hinges on doors and hood, no sun roof, no pneumatic suspensions just the springs, lockable differential. Transfer Case, High Low works great. I will take best offer as I have no storage for this.
You can call me or write to me with any questions you may have. 1 602 373 7947 or [email protected]


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