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Hello -

I acquired this pampered, well-loved, '87 Classic this past winter to get my wife and I through the winter (our 'wimpier' cars are stored in the winter) and now it is time for it to go. It drove strong and solid all winter - with no issues (except for the need to constantly fill it with coolant) until the (already weak) radiator failed and it overheated.

Its challenging to attempt to describe the condition of the truck because it is definitely in need of a few things -- but has clearly been well-loved its whole life and shows it. I have the original books/pen and complete/absolutely impeccable maintenance records from August 1991 - 2002 (dealer maintained the whole time) and again 2008. Cosmetically, I think it's decent - and the interior is amazing. It has a newer Pioneer CD player and MB Quart speakers.

It is Astral Silver over Grey cloth. Here's the complete, known 'to do' list:

- A Radiator (will need to be done immediately prior to driving it)
- Drivers Door Handle (inside and out)
- Rear Tire Repaired/Replaced (went flat in my garage)

- New Windshield (single large crack)
- Replace Rear Glass Surround / badly rusted
- Rear hatch developing some rust along the top
- Power Window switches

Eventually, the engine will need to be rebuilt - it does have a small coolant leak and requires constant monitoring and filling. It also has developed a small leak in the rear axle, I'm not sure how serious this is.

This is **everything** that was identified during a mechanical inspection I had done in March. (I had the rear brakes rebuilt and a new exhaust installed at the time). Its a great, beautiful old truck, in really amazing condition given what it is and how old it is.

In my opinion, this one is worth saving and certainly in much better condition than a lot of junk I've seen for sale. As you can see, it's in my garage in Omaha.

Let me know if there is any interest in someone coming to get her -- I need it to leave quickly (this weekend, ideally) - my wife is threatening to 'donate' it.

I don't really know how to value it -- I bought it for $2.2K and am into it for right at $3K.

Cheers - and let me know what additional questions you have! I'm happy to honestly answer what I can!

Collin Campbell
(2003 XJR R1, 1981 911SC)
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