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Hi All,

With sadness, I'm selling my 90 that I brought over from the UK two years ago. It's legal, drives great, but isn't getting driven much due to the extortionate cost of parking in New York City. It's currently sitting at my parent's house in Guilford, CT and they take it out once a month, and I also drive it about once a month.

Happy to chat on it at length, but ultimately am accepting offers since I've got my eyes on a vintage BMW motorcycle to replace it, which I can more easily park in NYC. I listed the Land Rover for $39,000 on AutoTrader (seen there as a 1993 Defender since the 1988 didn't exist as an option), but reduced it to $35,000 if you want to search for photos.

1988 Land Rover 90 ("Defender")
4 cylinder turbo-diesel
177,000 miles


Work done before leaving the UK:
-Replaced viscous fan unit
-Replaced both steering shaft universal joints
-Replaced leaking power steering pump
-Replaced clutch master and slave cylinders
-Replace both front and back bushes in both radius arms
-Replaced all four springs
-Replaced all four shocks to include new turret rings in front
-Replaced "A" frame ball joint unit
-Front swivels filled with 1-shot grease
-Front Prop shaft UJ (Upper Joist) changed
-Checked/Renewed rear diff seal and clean breather
-Renew grease in both front swivel joints
-Renew both front/bulkhead bonnet bushes
-Carry out new axle upgrade to include:
=New Discs, Pads, and Calipers (to replace rear drum brakes)
=New Pipe work
=Replaced axel oil
=All wheel bearings removed, cleaned, and greased

I have full documentation on the shipping, and have documented all my maintenance. The truck does have rust, which I have touched up. In 2015, I fitted brand new tires/tyres, carpeted the full interior, and installed a simple iPhone/Android hookup for a stereo, so it is quite new feeling. Looks & drives great, Must see, Non-smoker, Upgraded sound system. The bucket seats in front are like new, and there is a single bench in back.

Please do your research, and email me with any interest!

UK Registration: E909 XUJ
US Registration: 7AM SJ9
Engine Number: 19J11548C

[email protected] / +1 (917) 853-9440
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