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Hey everyone, I have posted my Range Rover up for auction on Bring a Trailer.

Here's a link to the truck: No Reserve: 1988 Rover Range Rover Ute 5-Speed | Bring a Trailer

Truck is located in Boise, Idaho

Here is a picture and some details:

-Ashcroft helical gear torque biasing differentials front and rear
-Great Basin Rovers 4.43:1 gears, professionally installed/adjusted
-Gears broken in with dino oil, then drained and refilled with Redline High Impact synthetic
-Every single bearing (Timken) and seal in both axles have been replaced with new
-Rover Tracks Heavy Duty CV front axles
-Ashcroft Heavy Duty rear axles
-Heavy Duty drive flanges
-Safari Guard diff guards
-2004 Discovery LT230 transfer case with Ashcroft helical gear torque biasing differential, filled with Redline MTL synthetic
-Ashcroft transfer case cable shifter. Hi/Low and lock/unlock shifts are smooth and easy to engage
-Rebuilt R380 five speed transmission filled with Redline MTL synthetic
-Double Cardan front driveshaft

-4.0 factory cross bolted aluminum block
-Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold
-Edelbrock four barrel manual choke carb - properly jetted - runs perfect
-Edelbrock air cleaner
-Edelbrock adjustable fuel pressure regulator with gauge
-Edelbrock Zinc fortified oil, K&N oil filter
-Crower Cam
-Pertronix two wire distributor and coil
-Hedman headers, ceramic coated with stainless V-band flanges on the collectors
-Tig welded stainless exhaust with V-band flanges for easy servicing
-Stainless Flowmaster 3” muffler
-Stainless 3” catalytic converter with matching “test pipe” and V-band flanges. Swap between the two in five minutes
-Rebuilt alternator
-New plugs, wires, hoses, hose clamps, belts and throttle cable
-D&D cast finned aluminum valve covers
-D&D thermal barrier carb spacer
-New thermostat (180 degree, I will include a 160 degree in case you live in a hot climate) and housing
-Oversize (Jaguar V12) motor and trans mounts
-Radiator is about five years old with fresh coolant and a new aluminum reservoir

-FOX 2.0 reservoir shocks with compression adjusters - custom valved for this truck
-Rover NRC 4234 170lb/in front springs with DII spring pads
-Rover NRC 4304 170lb/in rear springs with DII spring pads
-Terrafirma HD Trailing Arms
-Terrafirma HD Radius Arms
-Terrafirma HD Steering Rods
-Terrafirma HD Adjustable Panhard Bar
-Terrafirma Shock Turrets
-Rebuilt Steering Gearbox (by Meridian Auto) with new hoses and aluminum reservoir
-Borgeson Steering shaft
-Rebuilt Steering Column
-Momo Steering Wheel with quick release hub
-Teflon coated castor corrected swivel balls with new swivel pins and bearings
-ALL suspension bushings and ball joints are new
-Monroe steering stabilizer with Terrafirma mounts. I tried some high dollar stabilizers but this one had the best feel

-16x7” Aluminum Rover wheels with new lug nuts
-Firestone Winterforce Tires 285/75R16 at full tread depth (siping and rubber compound has excellent grip on all kinds of rock, dirt and snow)
-Terrafirma 30mm wheel spacers
-New D90 front brake calipers/pads/rotors (these are direct fit and larger than stock Range Rover)
-New rear calipers/pads/rotors
-New hard lines and braided stainless flex lines
-New master cylinder with larger pistons to correctly mate with the D90 calipers
-Fresh DOT 5.1 brake fluid

-Entire wire harness was rebuilt from headlights to tail lights
-Every unused circuit was removed (rear door electrics, fuel injection, power accessories… all the BS)
-Over 50% of the original wires in the truck have been removed. The fuse block now has only ten fuses (down from 20)
-Every terminal and splice was soldered and covered with heat shrink.
-All new bulbs, fuses and relays throughout
-VDO Tach with hour meter
-VDO fuel gauge (reads accurately)
-VDO coolant temperature gauge and sender
-Toggle switches for acc and ign. Push button for starter. No keyed ignition
-Aluminum shift and transfer case knobs
-Custom made aluminum dash panels and transmission cover panels
-Mazda MX5 leather seats in great shape. All seat adjusters work perfect with no slop
-New drivers side window motor. Cleaned and greased regulators. Windows roll up and down perfect
-Rubber floor mats. No carpet or sound proofing in the forward part of the cabin. The rear part is covered with dynamat
-The entire stock heater assembly was removed and replaced with a Vintage Air Gen II heat only system with lighted billet aluminum controls
-The vacuum operated fresh air flap was converted to cable operation
-I removed all the wiring for the power mirrors. They are now adjusted by hand
-No speedometer, parking brake or horn
-Odyssey battery with aluminum box mounted in the bed for 50/50 weight distribution
-Flaming river HD battery disconnect switch
-HD steel bumpers and rock sliders. Front bumper has a winch tray. I will include longer front springs in case you add a winch/weight to the nose of the truck
-I have a new fuel pump still in the box, waiting for the current pump to give up the ghost
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