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1988 Range Rover SWB
3.5 liters of pure fury
Magnecor Wires
K&N FIlter (uggg)
Cusom BWO sills on Driver's side
RTE 3" front Springs
Old Man Emu Rear Springs (have 1" spacer as well)
Bilstein shocks
DAP front Diff Guard
QT Services reat diff Guard/pinion slide
245/75/16 Goodyear MT/R's (4 with 4k on them 1 new)
NRP Stainless Steel Exhaust (Chopped at the rear to exit through 1/4 panel)
Pangea Hood Pins
Jotto Desk
Helle E-Codes

Truck has 210k on it and runs strong. The heater motor is LOUD. I just did the Heater core in October (with new core, metal tank, not plastic). I bent the fan when reinstalling it all and it made noise since has got much worse in the last 2 weeks...I really should pull the unit from the parts rig but I have no time. 2 Days ago I broke the drivers door handle (too cold outside...) Again, no time to pull the spare off the parts truck.

The Truck drives super from lowbox on the trail to 85 on the highway. Very solid. The Drivers sills were completely cut out and replaced (pics here ) The passenger side sills could use a little work (nothing nearly invasive as the driver's side was). The upper rear tailgate needs to be replaced (the lower is in SUPER shape.)

All electrics work aside from Rear defrost.
Blaupunkt Tokyo with Infinity Speakers up front and Boston Acoustics out back.

The parts truck is an '88 and the same color (Alaskan Blue). The parts rig only has 131k. DOesn't start (needs starter) and the transmission is stuck in 1'st. Complete aside from center console and Grill.

There must be stuff I'm forgetting here...

Anyhow...need to sell due to losing my mind with too many projects...Been driving this as my daily driver since June (Wife drove it the last quirks.


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