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1989 Land Rover Range Rover 5-Speed for sale on BaT


This 1989 Range Rover Classic is a prime rust-free example of a left-hand-drive three-door model that I bought in 2016 after having been imported to the US from Barcelona, Spain. Power is from a Rover 3.5-liter fuel injected V8 gasoline engine coupled to a 5-speed transmission with 2 speed gearbox and a viscous center differential. Unlike the carbureted V8's in earlier model Range Rovers, which made around 120 bhp, the fuel injected V8 in this later model has good punch at all RPM, with more than 40 additional horsepower going to good use in such a heavy vehicle. Rather than the stock Trocadero Red this Classic was repainted in 2016 in a similar but more dynamic Mercedes-Benz "Orient Red," that depending on the light changes from deep red to almost brown at times.


The Range Rover Classic is not a vehicle that was designed to accept compromises with any semblance of dignity. Land Rover engineered it, from the off, to be as comfortable and civilized as a contemporary luxury sedan, yet as effective off road as their own "Series" trucks, which have been the gold standard for tough terrain capability since the 1950's. This one, in excellent shape exemplifies their success in achieving those goals with fresh suspension, bushings, dampers, springs, ball joints, tie rod ends, steering arms, front and rear brake pads and rotors, injector harness, gearbox fluid, transfer case and differential services, brake fluid flush, and coolant exchange less than 8,000 kilometers (<5000 miles) ago. The engine oil, fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs, and wires have also been replaced within the last month. During the refurbishment of the suspension “Police Package” springs were fitted to Terrafirma shocks offering improved ride while maintaining the stock ride height and allowing for proper operation of the Boge self-leveling unit that automatically compensates for rear load weight changes. The engine fires instantly and is quiet and smooth. The clutch is light but has reassuring takeup, and the power steering is easy and direct with outstanding feedback.


This truck has been styled to resemble an earlier example by shedding the stock alloy wheels, plastic front grille and updated headlights while maintaining the improved driving dynamics of a later one. The alloy wheels gave way to the classic British 16-inch Rostyle wheels that were standard issue on the Range Rover from inception until 1986 finished in silver paired with Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain rubber. The stock plastic horizontal EFI grille and front EFI spoiler were abandoned in favor of the classic vertical metal front grille and plain steel bumper sans spoiler. You can bring the trailer with this RRC with it’s European-style trailer hitch and light plug adaptor mounted below the rear bumper continuing the classic aesthetic.


Click open (and it is a truly satisfying “click”) the central locking doors, climb into the comfortable velour driver’s chair, and everything falls naturally to hand. A two-spoke steering wheel rests in front of a brown dash with an instrument cluster containing a speedometer, a tachometer, and an array of warning lights. The six-digit mechanical odometer reads approximately 171k kilometers (~102k miles), approximately 8,000 kilometers (<5000 miles) of which are said to have been added under current ownership. The dash is adorned with the original working analog clock adding a touch of class to this Chelsea tractor. Power windows and locks, JVC stereo with Bluetooth, USB, and handsfree calling is enough to make you forget what these trucks were designed to do. To add reliability and power reserves this example has dual batteries fitted with cockpit cutoff for the auxiliary battery. There are also 5 12VDC cigar lighter power receptacles spread throughout the cabin, two in the front, one in the back seat and two in the cargo area ensuring power for your modern peripherals is always within reach. To add range when overlanding or when off-the-grid a 20L jerry can is securely mounted in rear hatch for reserve fuel.


The climate control and air conditioning also refurbished in 2016 keep the cabin comfortable in any weather. Thanks to the Range rover floating roof design visibility in any direction is expansive and uninterrupted. The cabin features front bucket seats and a rear bench clad in original tan velour that presents very well for its age, with matching original carpets in great condition covering the rare to find original rubber under mats in fair condition throughout. Included with the vehicle but not pictured is a rear cargo cover in good physical condition, carpet for the rear cargo area in poor but serviceable condition. A wood dash trim set is also included that would need to be stripped and veneered but is in great mechanical shape to be used as a core.


This is a rust-free vehicle having nothing more than light surface or cosmetic corrosion as illustrated in the underside pictures provided. The RRC is offered with partial service records and a clean North Carolina title in the seller’s name. There are 3 main imperfections in the paint that are pictured, two are door dings the size of a dime or smaller and one was a scuff on the left-hand hood area about the size of a quarter. These spots have been professionally touched up with a good finish although the color is not a 100% match. The original Spanish owner’s manual and associated documents that were received with the car at last purchase and will be supplied with 2 ignition keys and gas cap keys. The truck is located in eastern North Carolina near Wilmington.


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