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1989 Range Rover $3000 obo Memphis Tn

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Not parting out.

I will shoot it to you straight, this is an old truck. She has rust on the right corner of the hood, you can see that at some point someone had it covered in zebra stripes, the drivers door and fender are replacements and need paint ( not wrecked, trail mishap),windshield is cracked and one of the lights on the rack is cracked. Drivers door needs a rewire for window to go up.

Now with the good. It has around 130k miles but only around 1000 on a 4.6 from a 1998 Range Rover with a Crower 229 cam and lifters. Cloyes timing gears and chainThe block was completely broken down and all new bearings installed before rebuild. New oil cooler lines (upper and lower).. It has a 2 inch lift with Rovertyme coils and Old Man Emu shocks and steering stabilizer. Defender 16 inch rims/33 inch Crawlers from Treadwright with less than 2000 miles, they are hard as rocks and will outlast any mud tire and they look like the old Grip Spurs. New heater core from Atlantic British installed 1 month ago. New front calipers, pads and discs up front, back brakes are good and new discs and pads for the rear are in the back of the truck. New alternator is also in the back. Wilderness Rack up top with 4 Hella 500s Factory bull bar up front with 2 huge Hellas not sure of the model. GM ignition module swapped in. Interior is in pretty good shape, drivers and front passenger seats are rough but not splits, headliner is not sagging and back seats look really good.

I have already done the expensive stuff!!! This truck turns heads for sure! Looks like it just came off an expedition. It's as tuff as it looks and it is perfect for, well somebody. I am embarrassed to say how much I have sunk into this thing and more so because of its present appearance! But really, rough up that paint and roll on some Hurculiner and wow!! She's muddy and loud but I hate to see her go! And believe me she will go anywhere you point her. Frank 9012373144


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are pics 2-3 of the current condition of the drivers side?
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