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1990 RRC about to get new again

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Cheers all.
I just joined this board, as I just purchased a car I've always wanted. A classic RR. 1990. I've owned a rover before, '06 LR3.

I just received the RRC last night from across the country and I have a ton of things I'm looking for, or looking for advice about. In no particular order:

1. Is it possible to lower the driver's seat more than regular adjustments allow? My head is touching the roof. I just can't get my big frame into this truck very well. And the steering wheel brushes against my legs. I have to figure something out because I really cannot drive it. If I recline enough to not brush my head, I cannot reach the steering wheel at all. A little tilt steering would be awesome in the old girl. Alas...

2. my sunroof is kinda exposed. Are there covers for just this part?

3. Sunroof and driver's window operate very, very slowly. Like they're really struggling. Is this the motor, or something else. Do tracks need a good cleaning and some oil? Or is the motor just old and weak?

4. My gear shift indicator is gone. No PRNDL visible. In fact, it's black duct tape in there. Is there a source for these? Been googling to no avail.

5. I've heard there are moonroof replacements for sunroof? Glass ones made to replace the metal? Any truth to this? Anyone successfully tried it? It would solve my sunroof headliner issue.
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Congrats on the new Rover!

1. You will get used to sitting a bit lower in the Rangie. Is the seat all the way down? Do all the positions on the seat switch work?

2. You mean the headliner on the cover of the sunroof?

3. You probably need to grease the guides on the sunroof and window.

4. The film for the shifter is a bit expensive but you can replace it yourself. I have a slightly damaged one as a spare.

5. I have a full glass sunroof from a 91 RRC if you are interested.

Good luck!!!
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Welcome RRC!

To address some of the issues you listed, is the drivers seat all the way "down" I'm 6'3'' My head also scraps the roof, I just cope with it and adjust the seat back. The window regulators may be getting worn out, some simple oil and "lube" will help them out, every little bit helps. My philosophy with a range rover is fix it before it breaks, but when it breaks upgrade it.
congrats on the rover!
i also hav ethe head scrapping issue. my plan was to exchange the seats out for some aftermarket ones in hopes to gain some clearance. but i think i will also pull out the sunroof and convert it to a better weather seal and a manual opperation (only pop up) to eliminate the drain tubes and plastic surrounds. the sunroof eliminates about 1+" of head room. if i had known this before i really got to driving mine i would have opted for one w/o a sunroof. oh well
as far as the shifter bezel i just re-attached mine and i am also missing the letters that show PRND etc... i was thinking about a DIY solution where some plexi and some sticker or something replace it. but i dont have a solution yet. sorry
I have the shift illumination unit if you'd like to purchase one. It's not perfect but considering it came out of a 20 year old truck it's pretty good. Take a look at the photo and if you're interested contact me either by email or phone. The contacts are in my signature.

As far as putting a later style moonroof in your '90, it doesn't work. The only way to achieve this would be to take the SWB roof off a '92-'95 and install it on your truck. Believe it or not but it's easier than it sounds. It's also easier than removing your sunroof and trying to install the moonroof. The whole roof is held on by just 40 bolts!


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do you guys know if an all rubber shifter handle and low high transfer case knob is available? I really don't like the wood on both the handle and knob...
do you guys know if an all rubber shifter handle and low high transfer case knob is available? I really don't like the wood on both the handle and knob...
None of the early Range Rovers came with wood trim on the transmission shifter or transfer case knob. The first two years of the Range Rover in America the interior trim had a blueish tint to it. In 1989, with the change of the door cards came a change in the color of the dash, console and trim. It was more of a greyish brown color.

Wood started to appear with the County editions and by the time of the LSE versions in '92 the transfer case shift knob was made of wood. From '93-'95 all the LWB's and most of the SWB's had the wood cap on top of the transfer case shifter.

I don't know if I have the grey plastic cover for the transmission shifter, that's all you need to get rid of the wood trim, but I know I have a transfer case shifter with the black cap (4hi-4lo) in stock. It's $15 including shipping if you're interested.
do you have a sun-roof-less roof by chance? have you ever priced shipping on one?
do you have a sun-roof-less roof by chance? have you ever priced shipping on one?
No and no. I've sold a number of roofs to people who picked them up at my shop but I would never try to ship one. With it's size, a roof would be a fortune to ship by freight carrier.
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