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I'm selling my 1992 Land Rover Defender D90 and asking $38,000 obo. Located in Riverside County, California. It has just 60,000 miles on the odometer. In 1996 it was imported to Spain. I found the car in July 2018 and purchased it from a man in Southern Spain. When I got the car it was pearl white and very shortly after was painted the color it is now. When I moved back to the states in July of 2019 I had it imported. All vins/serials of course match.

When I bought the car it was evident that some work was needed and some upgrades were due! So for mechanical, I replaced the timing belt, battery, rear differential, clutch, oil change, and had the transmission flushed.

For cosmetic purposes I had the car painted (inside and out), added 18in Sawtooth wheels, Equipe 4x4 headlight covers, HALO headlights, smoked out side blinkers, Land Rover mud flaps, replaced the upholstery, installed new rear seats, and added the safari snorkel. I also removed the window tint as it needed to be replaced. The frame is also in GREAT shape!

So, with any older Land Rover there will ALWAYS be things that need to be done and maintained. Recently the driver side window crank handle fell off. The side windows have been sealed with an adhesive to ensure they are water proof, as the current seals need to be replaced. A couple of the dash board indicator fuses need to be replaced. And there is a very small oil leak that is coming from the rear output seal. I would replace it myself, the seal is a coupe dollars, however to access this seal you must drop the transmission.

Feel free to ask any other questions you might have and I can of course send any other videos/photos. Again, not a fake post, the car is real, and is legally in the united states.
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