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LAST DAY - New Work - 1992 Range Rover County For Sale - New leather, 94K

Last day of the auction - a lot of great response. See fourth post below for the "pre-sale" runthrough at Roverland - I am trying to get everything done within reason to make it a good buying experience.

We have put our 1992 Range Rover County Classic SWB up on Ebay (item no. 4552005480) for no reserve - started at 3,500. We would entertain all reasonable offers for offline sale - I will be honest and say I am not certain how to price it, I am just letting the market do that. But I would take any reasonable offer.

Link To 1992 Range Rover County on Ebay

The car is in Bethesda, MD - right inside the beltway near Washington, D.C.

I can be reached at [email protected] or 301-905-7743

The paint is fresh, the seats were just recovered in leather a year ago (at a cost of $2000). In late February of this year (right after we bought it) I brought it to RoverLand4x4 to have all the mechanical kinks worked out right after I bought it. They replaced the power steering box, replaced a relay and fixed a wheel speed sensor on the ABS, put in some new bulbs and gave it a thumbs up. This is a great Rover and one which has been incredibly well cared for and mechanically sorted. As you can see it has averaged only 7,800 miles per year since new.

This is our personal car, owned for only a few months. I bought it to be our second car, my occasional-daily driver. So I went looking for one that had no rust, good paint and a mint interior. It took awhile, then I found this one. As you will see from the pictures below, it had everything I was looking for.

I am buying a 1996 Range Rover that has been tweaked by Special Vehicle Concepts - I had been pestering the owner since last fall and he finally gave in.

We purchased this Range Rover from a nice couple in DC. From all I know of the history, this Rover has never seen anything more offroad than a poorly paved DC street. I actually feel a little guilty about that. After it got back from Roverland and the detail shop, I ordered new floor mats, new wood window switch panel, interior light cover, etc. Like I said - this was going to be our second car so I wanted it to be in good working order and in shape.

The engine and transmission have given us no problems - like I mentioned, the car was given a full inspection by Roverland4x4 (all former Land Rover Alexandria techs). Sometimes it turns over a bit before starting, but the techs didn't think it out of the ordinary. Unfortunately the prior owner could not find any of his records, so the history stops with me, though he promised me he is still looking. I do have a 1992 manual, a Haynes book I bought from England and my receipts for the steering box, exhaust repair and parts that will go with the car.


The new leather seats are nice. It was a big motivation for me to buy. So far the only things we have identified which do not work are the front Hella lamps. This is embarrassing, but I can't find the switch. Also, when they replaced the leather they did not put all the lower seat trim on, but we have this on order from the west coast now. If it gets here after the auction is done it will be forwarded to the new owner. The cruise control appears to work, pumps up - but I have yet to hit the highway in the car and it doesn't seem to kick in below 35? Other than that - all is operational - heated seats work great, sunroof, interior lights, power seats, air conditioning (its not arctic cold), heat, foglamps, power door locks, etc. The headliner is in good condition - no big droops. The mats are brand new. The stereo is a new in-dash Blaupunkt, but all the original pieces are there as well. There is also a hardwired Cobra radar detector, but it does not turn on. There is also a cell phone antenna installed and wired to the front of the cabin.


The car is listed as being in two accidents when it was very new. The prior owners informed me that the owner at the time, an older woman from Westchester County in NY, scraped a guardrail - twice. I guess that dispels the myth of the "little old lady" former owner. I understand thats when it got a complete respray by the dealership, which is why the paint looks so great. I had the frame and other areas checked by Roverland4x4 - they could not detect anything and so I am inclined to believe the story, but I leave that up to you. In any case it couldn't have been much since there is no lasting damage. There are some dings in the side from parking lot doors no doubt, which I pictured on the ebay link and the topside has a few dings where walnuts fell at the prior owner's home. A

s you can see - the tailgate is in almost as-new condition and shows no rust, bubbling, etc. The car is really gorgeous. The only rust I found was some surface dust forming under the front carpets and on the brush bar. I steel brushed both and laid down a coat of Ospho. Thats the only areas I really found. A replacement left foglight is also arriving Monday. Its a new factory piece. The foglight works but the cover is missing, so it was just easier to get the whole assembly. I also just bought a new rear latch at the dealership ($175) - the old one was having trouble locking.

It also hs new badging installed in 2004, 94/95 5-spoke wheels installed in 2004 (the prior owner "didn't like how the original wheels looked"), new front heated windshield installed in 2004 because of a chip (the prior owners were very particular people) and a factory brush bar and the aforementioned Hellas. It has the fine hex-pattern heated windshield - was that available in 1992?

Not much more to say - I shopped around for a long time and looked at a lot of Classics and 4.0/4.6 models before buying this one. I encourage you to come by and see it - we are right off the beltway. I am happy to host an inspection or bring it somewhere (convenient...). I have tried to let you know all I know about the car - but it is offered AS IS - it is an older car no matter how nice the shape its in.

There are many more pictures on the auction site, and I have all the pics in their native resolution if you would like them.


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Wow! That's a sharp looking rover! Can I check it out after work one day? I work in Bethesda, live down the road from Roversland. I'd be happy to meet you one day to look over the vehicle more closely.

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Update - Additional Pre-Sale Inspection and Work

I have been so happy with the response I brought it to Roverland4x4 today for a pre-sale workup/inspection. I also promised someone a Maryland inspection (which if you live here you know is insane, though a 1-time only affair), so they went over the car and are doing the following (it just passed DC inspection a few months ago, but consider that DC re-elects Marion Barry on a regular basis - something to think about):

New power steering belt

plugs, wires, rotor, etc.,

two new tires (they were passing but very close, so I am replacing)


adjust, etc. the LF wheel bearing (while we have the wheels off )

replace interior and exterior trim bulbs*

figure out how to turn on the Hellas

reprogram the ECU for a brand new remote I just bought

recharge AC (its due)

install new LF foglamp.

Pretty minor stuff, and otherwise checks out for MD insp. (brake pads, rotors, etc.). Work done by Thursday.

Overkill* * , but there are some nice people contacting me including some first time Rover buyers, so I figured I would just leave the car better than I found it (way better).

Compare this one with the ones available at BVLR now with the same milage (though they are 95 LWB's) starting at $12K.

Like this one with 97K for $12K.

Or this one a steal at $5,000 - and only 168,000 miles.

Anyway - final word on it from me, I feel even more comfortable about the car and that is worth spending the extra money to me. Its still a 14 year old used car, offered AS-IS, no matter what I have done to make it nice. Just keep that in mind.

*Question: How many $85 labor hours does it take replace a lightbulb? Answer: Stop asking so many questions.

**Overkill or, as my wife would say "That sounds dumb - aren't we selling the car?"
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