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Link to Craigslist Ad:

1993 Range Rover Classic LWB

I am selling my Range Rover because I'm currently living in Seattle and have no need for an extra SUV. It's in very good shape with minor dings due to off roading. Some areas show oxidation of the clearcoat. Currently at 153xxx miles. Currently sporting a 2" Rovertyme Spring Lift + Bilstein Shocks. New tires with less than 500 miles. They are BFG Goodrich All Terrain Tires, also has Flowmaster muffler with stainless steel exhaust. I believe the head gasket is on it's way out as it's showing symptoms. Very little rust, comes with the rear package tray for the trunk.

Things that don't work:

-Cruise Control (which is probably due to cracks in the vacuum lines)
-Tailgate sticks sometimes (locks just need to be lubed up)
-CD Changer has trouble reading CDs.
-Air Conditioner (needs to be recharged)

Things that have been replaced in the last 5K miles:

-electronic seat CPU for driver's side
-gas tank + pressure valve
-fuel pump
-fuel filter
-belts and hoses
-Idle Air Control Valve
-Heater Core
-Starter Motor
-Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

Things that have been replaced in the last 10-15k miles:
-steering box
-water pump

Let me know if you have any questions.

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how are you? where did you get the electronic seat CPU for driver's side
from. I am in need for that same exact thing...and also does your driver seat still have the memory function working.
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