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bought in 1998 and it's been my obsession. However Coastal FL salt-air/water has taken its toll on body and the wiring harness is shot as well. Otherwise it would be already rebuilt. I picked at another museum-quality 60K 1993 So.Cali. LWB that is my replacement rover-fix, and although it isn't as rare or in my heart nearly as much - it will have to do.

4 years ago-10K miles ago - replaced trans with 60K 1995 disco tranny (I highly recommended upgrade for a SWB, ratios are awesome). New ujoints, CVs, billsteens, HD 2" lift DAP springs. Door steel frames are gone, so is the hood, floors, and lower gate.

upper tailgate - newer 7 years ago with minor rust on top edge. Glass perfect and defrost lines good. $250 with key.

Rebuilt steering box with 5K miles on it. tight and straight. $250

tierods and steering drag link - all new about 5K miles ago. factory grade. $100

Engine - never overheated (EFI wiring harness went out), rebuilt distributor 10K ago, RTV sealed ignition $900 in truck. ~126K

Trans+transfer case - trans is from 95 disco and is an awesome update for the a SWB rover. $900 in truck. 70K on trans, 126K on transfer. Prior trans had reverse go out (and I still have the case for that too if wanted for $50 and the cost of shipping).

factory front axle $650 on truck - has CVs 10K old and always 100% synthetic gear oil with the permanent grease in balls. Seals around the balls do not weep on tires. ABS type with 15K on brembo solid rotors and new bearings.

factory rear axle $650 on truck - always 100% synthetic gear. Seals are good. ABS type with 15K on brembo solid rotors and new bearings.

All switches and wiring - let me know. seat switches are not good.

All interior parts. rear seats are perfect. front seat leather is fair but all there.

5K ignition switch (was factory new) $150 with keys.

window motors
bosch starter 10K miles on it $80 (was over $175)
Alternator - rebuilt 5K ago $70
DAP 1-2" lift springs $140
4 billsteen shocks for 1" lift $120
5 tri-spoke wheels $125 with low tread but hold air - michellin 4X4 and they are true and roll level.
sunrooof motor $40
all glass - $45 a door
inner door panels $40 each
dark burl walnut wood inside trim $400 - fair condition. Dash is best
ABS pump is SOLD
front Y-pipe with cats $200 how it is good I don't understand, but it is...
calipers $50 each.
intake EFI meter (needs rebuilt - $25)

I'll take $1275 for the whole truck with clear title and with all the above on it. A this time the only sold part is the ABS pump (which are about $200 to replace).

Actual shipping charges using my kinkosfedex ground account. Except ground freight on motor/trans/axles...

Call me quickly on this truck if you want big parts or the whole unit.
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