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1994 Disco makes rapid clicking noise and won't crank.

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I bought Grover (Green Rover) with 73K and I now have 82K and he's kicking ass. I've driven it all over the state of Florida and hauled all kinds of stuff to the beach without so much as a stutter. I go to get into Grover on monday and I hear CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK and no crank... I go and grab a new battery from my garage and the same thing happens. I removed the starter and it tested bad, real bad. Got a new starter today and as I went to get my trusty ol' disco back on the road, CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK... I hung my head, and started shaking wires to see if they might be loose. I didn't see an ignition module anywhere and I'm at a loss... Both batteries tested at 70% and 90% and the starter is new. What am I forgetting?
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Check your grounds and your power lead from the battery to the starter. Make sure they are clean and free of corrosion.
Maybe the starter relay is weak and dropping out?
I had something similar and it was the Multi-Function relay under the hood.
What and where is a "Multifunction Relay"?
On my 98 it is a small rectangular box mounted next to the charcoal canister it is a timer basicly but hooked into a bunch of things, you sure the batt is charged? Starter is good?
Methinks you possibly also have TWO bad batteries.

What tester did you use that gives percentages?

The only real way to test a battery is with a volt meter and under load.
The battery was good, the starter was good, the cables were good... It was the cheap end that hooks to the ACC line again. I had an issue with it before but I thought I had fixed it with the old starter. I cut the end off and clamped a new connector on it and now its firmly in place. While I was at it, I replaced my battery terminals and rechecked all my ground connections. Hopefully I have eliminated this issue!
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