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I have owned my 1994 Discovery for over a year now and enjoy the vehicle very much. I have also decided with this vehicle to be the one who maintains it the majority of the time. The Disco has 153,000 miles on the vehicle and 40,000 on a rebuilt motor with a new 4.6 lower end from brittish pacific. I change the oil every 3k miles and top up fluids when they need it, ie brake fluid, power steering et cetera and I haven't had many issues.

I just replaced replaced the rear pinion seal and about six months ago my alternator went out. For these services I took them to a land rover mechanic.

At present my tachometer bounces and the idle feels a bit high. I was planning on trouble shooting the bouncing tach on my own and was wondering if it would be prudent to have the vehicle inspected and tuned. And if I shoud make this a habit moving into the future, say once a year. I was also wondering if its a good idea to get a compression test done? I am a novice when it comes to working on vehicles. Good with a wrench but always look for help with the details. Thanks for the help.
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