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1994 Range Rover Classic LWB - Harrisonburg, VA
129,000 miles

I don't really want to sell it. I've put a LOT of time and energy into my Rover. I'm looking into buying a 2003 Disco and if I can sell this and possibly another 1994 Disco I have I may be able to purchase the 2003.

As it is now:
It's been my daily driver since July 2012
The engine runs well, transmission shifts smoothly, brakes are firm and without vibration. Power windows all work.

The Good:
New Headgaskets Feb 2012. (bought the kit from Mark at D & D)
New valve seals
New injector O-rings
All new heater/cooling hoses
Cost me around $700 in parts and machine shop work.

Oil change with Castrol GTX and Lucas oil additive & Mobil 1 filter. ($50.00) Autozone

New parts in the last 6 months:
Oil cooler line ($40.00) Atlantic British
K & N air filter ($50.00) Autozone
Water pump ($100.00) Atlantic British
Thermostat ($15.00) Atlantic British
Belts ($30.00) Atlantic British
Hoses ($100.00) Altantic British
OEM Radiator ($275.00) on ebay
Alternator ($240.00) NAPA
Blower Motor ($200.00) Atlantic British AND A WHOLE LOT OF TIME!
Pioneer Bluetooth compatible head unit and pioneer speakers ($250.00)
Two Yokohama Geolander front tires ($360.00)
Steel Lug nuts ($50.00) Atlantic British
Steel Wheels (I prefer the way they look)
OME 2" lift transplanted from my parts vehicle.
Repaired rust on floor boards on both drivers side and passenger side.
Repaired rust on passenger side fender support.
Replace rusted lift gate bottom with new metal and custom latches from the "toggle clamp store"

The Bad:
ABS not functioning. (I prefer it that way. Getting a 2-8 code for ABS pump ground I believe)
A/C not currently installed (I have all components to reinstall)
Cruise not working (vaccum pump or line)
Driver seat ECU removed... I use a jumper to move seat.
Will need tie rod ends ($70.00 kit from DAP)
Dent near gas filler

It's 19 years old, but it does run really well, and I think has had the major Rover problems fixed. It is a Rover so it will always need something.

Wilderness Roof Rack/IPF lights not included.




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Love it...

Looks awesome dude good luck, if I needed another rover in my driveway this would be it. BTW if you want a MD inspection the seat has to be able to move for the inspector, ran into that with a disco 1 I had-

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