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Joel Smith
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Well I pulled the heads off over the weekend. It's actually not that hard. Just take your time, label everything and pause to drink a beer....
I'm gonna have the heads redone and order the kit from Atlantic British to redo the head gaskets. The 1994 is no longer for sale. The 1995 Rover is still for sale.

BEST OFFER for the 1995 Range Rover Classic SWB with 3.9L.


1994 Range Rover Classic LWB ***EDIT (a work in progress and not for sale)**
128,000 miles
1995 Range Rover Classic SWB for parts

So I'm at trying to decide whether to fix my rover OR or to sell it as is. I've put a lot of time into this vehicle and I really like driving it. But as of today I have the chance to buy a BMW from a friend for a really good price but I cannot afford to buy it AND fix my rover.

As it is now:[/U]
It's been my daily driver since July 2012
The engine runs well, transmission shifts smoothly, brakes are firm and without and vibration. Power windows all work. No cruise and I removed the A/C compressor but still have it. I just changed the oil last week and replaced a leaky oil cooler line. Power steering box is leaky.

However since I replaced the items below I have had to add anti-freeze periodically when the "low fluid" light comes on. Sometimes I can go weeks without adding fluid and sometimes 3 days. I only have to add about a 1/2" of fluid to the reservoir. Just enough to keep the light from coming on. I suspect the head gasket, because I can see very VERY slight amount of fluid seeping at the head gasket on the passenger side. I'm still driving it and I know it will need the repair.

I've had three mechanics look at it and have gotten different stories on the level of difficulty in the repair of the head gasket. The kit is $200.00 from atlantic british and roughly $500 - $1500 to labor to repair it. Soooo.

New parts in the last 3 months:
Oil change with Castrol GTX and Lucas oil additive & Mobil 1 filter. ($50.00) Autozone
Oil cooler line ($40.00) Atlantic British
K & N air filter ($50.00) Autozone
Water pump ($100.00) Atlantic British
Thermostat ($15.00) Atlantic British
Belts ($30.00) Atlantic British
OEM Radiator ($275.00) on ebay
Alternator ($240.00) NAPA
Blower Motor ($200.00) Atlantic British AND A WHOLE LOT OF TIME!
Pioneer Bluetooth compatible head unit and pioneer speakers ($250.00)

New parts in the last 6 months:
Two Yokohama Geolander front tires ($360.00)
Steel Lug nuts ($50.00) Atlantic British
Steel Wheels from various Discovery's to make a set of 4.
(I prefer the way they look)
OME 2" lift transplanted from my parts vehicle.
Repaired rust on floor boards on both drivers side and passenger side.



Joel Smith
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1994 Head Gaskets are being repaired and is no longer for sale... I grew a pair last weekend and decided to fix it myself. :-D

1995 Parts Rover Still for sale.

Located in Harrisonburg, Virginia
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