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1994 RRC Bonnet Latch

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Just purchased vehicle and bonnet catch is gone. It has completely pulled through the metal. The only thing holding the hood down is the latch that releases the bonnet after catch disengaged so it flaps around when driving. Wondering if worth is to have repaired, or just buy another bonnet? Any advice/suggestions appreciated...
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I wouldn't drive it like that, the safty catch isn't very good.

If its repairable then I would go that way. The hood is steel so you can weld a reinforcing strip to the hood lip.

Going used is going to be difficult unless you happen upon a nice, not rusted hood in the exact same colour as yours.
Thanks Matt! I agree, all I need is for it to fly up in my face while I'm driving and cause an accident. I'm sure a good body shop could weld a reinforcement strip of steel on it as you suggested and do the repair with that method. I'll hunt locally for another bonnet but unfortunately, it's one of the rarest color they made.....Mosswood Green. Thanks again for your suggestion. Cheers!
I think I would look into hood pin latch
May be easier fix and keep your hood til
You find replacement's one of the rarest color they made.....Mosswood Green.
I've only seen that color on a Range Rover two other times in the 20+ years I've owned them. The first time was on the showroom floor back in late '93 when I was buying my Beluga Sable Edition. The only other time was six or seven years ago when I saw what turned out to be the Range Rover of the owner of British Auto Works in the Bronx. They only did 200 BSE versions like my LWB. I bet they didn't even do that many LWB's in Mosswood. It's truly a unique color they only did in '93 and '94.

I was also a fan of Montpellier red (burgundy) with Sable LWB in '94. I have only see one in the flesh. I doubt they did more than 100 of them and only in '94. Another beautiful rarity.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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