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This is a re-post from the Disco I forum. I appologize for that. I am hoping there is someone here with more experience with the 3.9L that can help.

My truck is a 1995 SE 3.9L 5-speed with 103,000 miles. I have done all of the following in the past 18months;

'new' refurbished Bosch yellowtop injectors
new fuel filter
new wires (Beck Arnely)
new plugs (Bosh platinum II)
new ignition module
new coil (accel)
new distributor (Pertronix)
new temp sensor

Cleaned IAC
Cleaned MAF

Fuel pressure holds at 30psi or greater and does not bleed down after

The truck has always been very hard to start and still is. Now, it will start and run OK when it is cold, but when it warms up it will only run at closed throttle. As soon as I try to open the throttle it bogs out and would stall unless I let go of the throttle. Eventually it gets warmer and will not run at all, but the fuel pressure is still 30psi. It still sparks, but won't run. It is not giving any trouble diagnostic codes.

I am completely stumped.

Can anyone point me in a direction?

Thank you for any help you can provide.
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