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1995 Discovery

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I have a 1995 Discovery which has 150,000 miles, truck was running fine when I sent it in for service. During serive it was noted that the rear lifters weren't getting enough oil due to a faulty oil pump, this left the cams scored and damaged. I had the engine pulled and rebuilt, new cams, new timing belt, new oil pump and front cover. When the engine was returned the engine will turn over but wont start. I've checked for spark which was OK, I checked the fuel inertia switch which was OK, except when I checked the injectors for pulse I don't get any signal. I've narrowed it down to what I believe as a faulty or damaged ECU. I plan on replacing the ECU however I need some help at the ignition coil. The wires on the two screw post on the ignition post may have been switch which may have damaged the ECU. Could someone with the 3.9 V8 tell me which pair of wires and color codes go to the coil? If anyone has any other suggestions I'd also be interested. My truck worked fine before and I'm hoping that after the repairs she'll be better than ever. I'm looking forward in getting it back. Thanks for any help.
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