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Hey guys,

Pardon this being my first post, I have been a lurker on here for a while but never registered, guess I should have done so earlier. I am parting out my 95 RRC that I purchased to restore. It turned out to be a bit crustier than I had initially thought so I am building a truggy with it instead and therefore dont really need much of what it came with. There interior was basically perfect which is why I bought it, also have a bunch of brand new parts that I bought for it before I really started pulling it apart and saw how rough it was. Here is a basic list of everything with approx prices:

All interior parts are beige:

-front and rear seats, clean, good 'driver' seats, no major tears, all power functions work, drivers side has memory as well. Power seat controls are perfect. rear seats are very clean

-center console - perfect, unbroken

-all window switches - very clean

-front seat base trim - everything is clean and unbroken

-carpets - front rear and cargo all very clean

-all 4 door panels - very clean, wood is perfect

-all the ECUs are clean and functioning, tell me which ones you want a price on, I have removed all of them

-brand new pads, rotors, hardware, flex lines, rebuilt front calipers (didnt get around to doing the rears)

-every brake hardline for the truck - we build these at work so I had our hoseshop guy replicate every line on the truck with plated hardline and new fittings

-new plugs, wires, distributor

-one brand new Rover fuel line, I cant remember if it is the feed or return will have to check when I get home tonight

And the list goes on from there. The interior is completely gutted so everything is available except the dash and the HVAC system and I will not be using Rover axles any more so anything you need from them is available as well. Prices vary depending on what you need but they will be very reasonable as this stuff is taking up a lot of room in my garage that I need to use to build stuff.

Please post here or PM (or text my cell at 289-260-4037) for package deal pricing. I'll be adding some pictures tonight of everything as it is all boxed up in my basement and garage.

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