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I finally had the chance to remove the front bumper and air dam from a '95 RRC that is finally starting to become visible thanks to some warmer weather melting the snow.

They are apart. The chrome bumper did not have the crush can covers but it does have a pair of good headlight washer nozzles and two end caps. The license plate mount had been removed. Overall it is very straight with only very minor blemishes thanks mainly to the nasty remains of the brush bar that it came it with.

The front air dam is in very good condition. Obviously, it has been cut to make room for the front brush bar but beyond that, it is free of any other damage. One of the two Wipac fog lights works. They other probably needs a bulb. The fogs look to be in unusually good shape as well.

Obviously, I would prefer pickup here in CT 06776 but if you really want either or both of these parts shipped.

Pictures can be seen here:

1995 RRC Chrome Front Bumper & Air Dam - Land Rover Forums - Land Rover Enthusiast Forum
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