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Love this truck, but it's gotta go since I bought a newer one. A few Rovers too many. $7000

Pics in CL ad:
1995 SWB Range Rover Classic

1995 Land Rover Range Rover Classic SWB. Epson Green and Bone Leather. She's at 95,xxx miles now and running great.

Intact and functioning air suspension with Gen III Arnott air bags and Bilstein shocks.

As I'd really like to see this go to someone who will keep up and maintain the air suspension, this truck includes another air suspension (sensors, ECU, compressor, old bags) as parts. I'll even throw in the cable to interface with the ECU. I used it to recalibrate the ride heights higher as the Gen III Arnott bags have a larger volume.

I don't know who made it, and never seen one before, but it comes with a third row leather seat with all seatbelts that fits in the loadspace.

Since I've owned her, the following has been done:
Performed 60K and 90k service
New alternator and battery
New oil cooler and power steering hoses
New rubber coupling
Intake Manifold Re-sealed
AC is ice cold
Proper TWR wheels sourced
Recovered the headliner/sunroof
Recalibrated the ride heights in the EAS ECU for more lift in all suspension settings
Replaced the liftgate
Replaced rear view mirror with an auto-dim, compass and temperature
Discovery cup holders to the front console
Added trailer wiring
OEM rubber mats to the front, middle and rear
Added the CD Changer
Added an iPhone AUX-IN to the factory stereo

Heated seats are not working
Recently the gas strut mount point on the lift gate broke off.
Tires are noisy

Floorboards and sills are solid with some surface rust
Some rust in the firewall seam

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Beautiful Classic! I'd love to have one with EAS. Very rare these days. My '95 had been converted, as is the case with probably 95+% of them.
Thanks Colin! I loved having the air suspension on it, even though it did take a bit more maintenance. Sure would like to see it go to a Rover fan who would keep the EAS intact.
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