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Black 1996 Discovery 1 to fix up or use as parts.
$750.00 firm as that's what I have into it and I can fix it eventually rather than lose money.
About 300K miles.
I drove it home after purchase, about sixty miles, with no issue beyond lack of power.

GEMS ignition system, engine runs but #2 and #4 coils do not fire so power is poor.
Pretty certain the coils themselves are good, I have a good complete spare coil pack as well.
Need to fix the firing signal to #2 and #4 at which point this Rover should run very well.
This may be a very simple fix if you know your way around the ignition circuits.
I don't, and have no patience for the overdone complexity of newer vehicles.

All four O2 sensors recently replaced, turned out they were not the real issue.
Body has dings but no major crunch, small bondo repair in lower left rear of driver front fender, bumpers could be better, flimsy plastic front grill is poor.
Good glass, drive-train appears fine, lights work, brakes work, rust free chassis, remote door locks work, electric windows work.
Drivers outside door handle needs replacement, rear side doors will not open, I have no idea why not.
Back door is fine, rear wiper works.
Front seat bottoms are worn out.
Chassis is rust-free and appears strait, actually very clean underneath.
Good wheels, fair tires.

Excellent for anyone wanting to build an off-road Disco, fix it up, or use as parts.
Just trying to get my money back out of it to put into my Series Rover.
Unlike the person I bought it from my description is honest!
Have Nevada title transfer forms in hand, title is not an issue, just need to fill in the buyers name.
Title is normal, NOT "Salvage".

Richard (775) 78 THREE - FOUR 867
In No. Nevada, near Lake Tahoe and Reno.

Gardnerville Nevada 89410

[email protected]

Pics on request once I put the hood back on.
Took it off for access to the coil pack.

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Outside drivers door release handle is on the way.
I will install it ASAP.

Exchanging the ECM too, hoping that will get a good signal to the other two coils so they it runs on all eight cylinders.

Then I am done working on it as it will be a decent driver needing only minor attention such as seat repair, bumper and grill.

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Just put another $200 into the Disco.

Nice rear bumper, outside door handle is repaired, a better seat bottom, some plastic for under the drivers headlamp.
New used ECU was defective, will exchange it ASAP.

Still $750.00 but if I spend any more the price will have to go up.

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Okay, Disco is now much more civilized.
Outside door handle replaced, ignition switch replaced and column cover back on.
Rear bumper replaced too.
So it's just about a civilized vehicle again but does still need the replacement ECM "Reflashed".
Independent dealer says $50.00 but he has to have the vehicle.

I've done a fair amount of work and the price is still only $750.00
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