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White 1996 Land Rover Discovery SE (location: Santa Cruz, CA)
Excellent condition
V8, 135,000 miles
Full time 4WD (High and Low), center-locking differential
Automatic transmission
Leather interior
Cruise Control
ABS Brakes
Tow package w/2" class 3 receiver
Power mirrors
Power Windows
Dual sunroofs (power)
Security system
Remote locking system
AM/FM/Weather Band/Cassette
Land Rover 6-Disc CD Changer (under front passenger seat)
Air Conditioning
Spare tire
Rear wiper/defrost
Dual driver/passenger heat controls
Power seats
Roof rack

I bought this Disco I a year and a half ago when I was living in Boston. I needed it to haul light sailboats and for the occasional snowdrift (see pictures below!). A few weeks ago I finished a cross-country trip towing a 10' long camper. The car performed <i>beautifully</i> and I had absolutely no problems, even with the mountains. I really love this car, but I've decided to scale down (way down - it's Miata time!), and I can't afford to keep two cars.

I've taken a lot of pictures of the Land Rover, because like all Land Rover owners, I'm a bit obsessed. If you want to get a unique SUV with a half century of craftsmanship behind it (and a cult following), get a Land Rover.

Here is what is wrong with this car:
1) the typical British leaks. Nothing major (esp. for a car with 135k miles), but I do have to fill up on power steering fluid semi-regularly (like once every few months). I use synthetic (Mobil I) for the engine, and it does NOT leak appreciably, and I checked it every other fillup across country. The transmission fluid does not leak, either.

2) There are a few minor scratches, but nothing out of the ordinary for an SUV that is occasionally taken off road.

3) The right side step broke off after I bought the car, and I left it off. If you want symmetry, take the other one off.

4) Very, very minor rust spots around the car (all surface), and I can show those to you when you look at the vehicle.

5) That's it!

Here is what is great about the car:
1) It runs perfectly. I am used to driving cars that require a lot of attention, and I thought this one would, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I replaced the exhaust system last year (it passed smog and is California registered as of 7/26), put a new computer in (which was a mistake on the part of the garage--it didn't need it), put in a new fuel pump (it didn't need that either, but it's there). I thought it needed a new thermostat, but it just turns out that the -20º weather we had in Boston just made it run a bit cooler (duh). I will give you the new thermostat.

2) It has lots of room, esp. headroom. It also has many little places to put gear.

3) The dual sunroofs and extra side-top windows give it a very open feel.

4) The 4WD is fantastic. In the snowdrift picture below, once I got the snow off the top I put it into 4WD low, locked the center differential, and powered my way out of a 3 foot snowdrift. It was very impressive. A stock Disco is one of the best off-road vehicles on the market. You don't understand how cool it was to take all of the "4WD only" roads in Grand Teton a few weeks ago!

5) Towing is great. I wouldn't go towing a 25' travel trailer, but small trailers and boats are fine.

6) As I said before, you're joining a world-class club by owning a Land Rover.

Here is a link to a PDF carfax report (no problems) I printed today:

e-mail ([email protected]) or call (857-234-0211) if you'd like to see it (I'm in Santa Cruz). Cheers!

More pics:
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