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1. New brakes
2. New tires - Pirelli Scorpion ATR (except for the spare)
3. New wheel bearings
4. Working 4x4 shifter
5. Lots of parts including:
a. A differential good for rebuild
b. A transmission filter kit
c. Full set of radiator hoses
d. Matching locks for the passenger and rear doors (need to be installed), driver door and ignition already swapped
e. An ECU box with remote for unlocking the doors (needs to be installed/programmed)
f. Dog barrier
g. Brush guard (which I think I finally figured out how to install)

The battery is relatively new but she needs to run at least 20 minutes when it’s very cold (-20) in order to keep it charged enough to start. The roof rack and ladder need to be stripped and recoated, there’s a few places that do it in the area; the ladder is already partially stripped. Rear sunroof may have a leak that is periodic.

Looking for $4500, located in Lethbridge, Alberta.


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