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Ok, Ive got a customer with a 1997 D1, GEMS, 4.0, 5 speed. He went to an indy (asian indy) shop to have a noise diagnosed in his drivetrain. The guy at that shop said the front diff was bad and removed the front driveshaft so he could cruise it home in CDL HI. The customer not knowing he could not drive around in high or the other mechanic was not specific in saying do not drive just get it home.

One week later BOOM wont go anywhere. He crated the rear spiders and snapped an axle. I installed a good diff and axle cleaned out all the bits and now she is stuck in CDL HI and the shifter is rock solid. I am VERY mechanically inclined (Ford Master Tech, ASE Master Tech, DOJ Master Tech etc). I have already tried removing the linkages and operating manual which it wont as it is bound up. OK, enough back story.

I am removing the case today to inspect and determine the failure but I have a question.

What are the differences between the 4HP22 and R380 transfer cases? If any? They both look like LT230s to me but I am curious about the input shafts. Is it as simple as swapping inputs? The last "sort of" weird swap I did was a 1996 D1 4.0/4HP22 to a TDI300/Auto and all I had to do was swap the unboltable output shaft from the gas 4HP to the diesel 4HP. I would think that keeping the same transmission but switching the transfer cases might require the same swap but on the other end.

Anyone have any experience?

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