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For sale is a running 1999 P38 Land Rover Range Rover. Has a strong 4.6HSE motor. It has a salvage title. Passed smog 9/10/14 and is currently registered till July 2015. Always followed maintenance schedule, always synthetic Mobil 1 with Bosch oil filters.

As shown, the hood needs to be refinished. The RH fender does as well, driver door is on and secure, however, rubs the fender when opened wide. The transmission shifter works, but does not transition smoothly from P to R, etc. I DO HAVE a replacement. Additionally, heater core O rings need to be replaced. Intermittently not reading rpms or speed. Also affecting the stereo, I have an ohmmeter but haven't found time to Tshoot, inclined to think it's the BeCM as I did accidentally leave the sunroof a tad ajar during a misty night. I replaced the window/mirror control unit. Sunroof, windows and mirrors all function normally. I use a Tomtom to speed check. This was an excursion vehicle, so repairs were not priority.

The rear differential was replaced in 2011, replaced rear disc brakes at the same time, only about 10000 miles on them. The LH exhaust manifold along with a couple radiator hoses were replaced as well, in 2012. The water pump, T stat and heater gasket were swapped out in December 2012, water pump still under warranty. New battery w/ full replacement 2 year warranty, just purchased in August 2014. Matching Toyo performance tires, running on LR hurricane chrome rims.

RUNS ON COIL SPRINGS. The EAS was swapped out for the coil springs around 2007, also rides higher than standard Range Rovers. I, personally, enjoyed the better view. The interior, most notably, the black leather seats have been babied and only had older teens and adult passengers. They are in excellent condition, no damage, heating element in front seats, also still work.

Need to taper down my vehicle ownership to a more manageable number. There are issues, but the right DIYer can easily bring her back up to speed and former glory...... I just don't have the time and need to focus funds on what I use on a day to day basis.

$2400 OBO. Call or text (texting is better, offers a faster response from me): 925.695.7896.


Just a side note about my singular LR ownership experience... I LOVE to dive into the mechanics of cars, trucks, they truly intrigue me. Everyone had me as psychotic for purchasing this one in 2009. I had researched this particular model, love the design, still do... Though initially intimidated, once I had a couple years under my belt, I really just found 'her' to be a persnickety high maintenance bipolar version of myself :eek: Whenever I inquired on an issue, battery depletion being the most common issue, I'd inquire via the forum and had very useful, accurate advice and direction. Thank you all so much... if any should read. I will be a LR owner again....... the Evoque is pretty sweet :D Thank you! As I found answers via forums, I hope that there was the same value in my own inquiries and related assistance from LR experts to other owners, newbies and the like. Thank you... :)


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