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Wanted to share this. A friend at work(family man, 2 kids,doesn't make much money like me)is interested in a suv, he drives a 94 F150 now. Anyway he found this 99 Discovery series 1 SD for $6000. Here's the good about the truck, the chassis and body are in out standing shape with no rust and NO signs of any off road damage. The interior is in phenominal shape. It has heated seats and a 6 disc cd player, the leather is in great shape. OK this is what got me, the bad. Popped open the hood to have a look and there was the typical coating of fluid from the power steering box and engine oil on everything, the norm for a rover with 123K miles. Looked at the engine oil dipstick and the oil looked like tar! Went to open the power steering fluid gets's empty! Checked the's empty! Checked the auto trans fluid.......Dark brown!!!! The serp. belt looked original, the air filter looked original, and the rubber gaskets around the back windows were severly cracked, and the tires were damn near bald!

It just kills me how some people just neglect their vehicles! It's a wonder they traded this thing in, and I am suprised it made it to 123K miles!

Although the fleet manager said he would sell the truck to me below auction price just to get rid of it, after we went through the laundry list of things wrong with it. Kind of bad timing with my wife and I closing on a house! :D
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